“50 Colorful Years” on DVD

Price: $19.99

Now, you can relive the last 50 years as NewsChannel 9 WSYR celebrates its golden anniversary with some of Central New York?s favorite personalities and programs. Join Rod Wood and Carrie Lazarus as they look back at great memories from The Local Station with clips and interviews.

  • Pulling together Colorful Channel 9 in 1962
  • Mike Price and Baron Daemon
  • Phil Markert and The Markert Place
  • 9 News favorites Bud Hedinger and Dave Cohen
  • Open Line with Karin Franklin
  • Local shows like Bud Ballou, Romper Room, Bozo the Clown, and Charlies Place
  • Meteorologists Dave Eichorn and Dave Longley remember the storms you cant forget
  • Bridge Street through the years

Plus the top news and sports stories of the last 50 years, as reported by some of Central New York
s most distinguished reporters – and some bloopers we wish we could forget!

Recorded live at the SRC Arena at Onondaga Community College, before an audience of more than 500 fans and invited guests at a special fund-raiser for the Upstate Cancer Center.

NewsChannel 9: 50 Colorful Years is now available on DVD. The entire primetime special, along with bonus material we couldnt fit in the two hours on the air! This entertaining and informational look at Central New Yorks last half-century is yours for $19.99.

By ordering the clip, you agree to the following terms: I am requesting a copy of the news broadcast by WSYR-TV described in this request for personal viewing use only. I understand, and agree, that the copy provided by WSYR-TV may not be duplicated, exhibited or licensed for any other purpose, and I agree that WSYR-TV shall not be liable to me in connection with my request for the copy or the contents thereof. I also agree to release and indemnify WSYR-TV from any claims or damages which may occur as a result of my obtaining this copy. The copy shall not be used as evidence in any legal matter or proceeding. 

Individual copies of this program is available for $19.99. The program is mass-produced and priced competitively. 

This special pricing covers select NewsChannel 9 programs prepared for resale. Other programs may be subject to custom dubbing fees. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. 

Questions? Email TheWebUnit@LocalSYR.com.

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