Adolphus Washington discusses arrest

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Adolphus Washington is trying to put that night out of his mind. 

On July 7th, he was arrested after displaying a licensed firearm to police without informing them first. He was in a three-wheel, open top vehicle outside a water park. 

The police told him that night he was lucky not to get shot. 

“I forget about it. I try not to think about it,” Washington said. “I’m trying to focus on the team and us moving in the right direction.”

“I definitely thank God that it didn’t turn into something more serious than what it was.”

Washington pled not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of improperly carrying a concealed firearm. 

There was speculation Washington could lose his job under Sean McDermott’s new no-nonsense regime. Some of the speculation came from Washington himself. 

“I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t cross my mind,” Washington said. “When the incident happened, I got in contact with my coaches and they backed me 100 percent.”

“I was disappointed,” McDermott said. “And also thankful that no one was hurt. He, right from the start, has been great in terms of communication from the time that incident unfolded with us. Brandon And I both met with Adolphus. You want to know the full story, right? That’s the key. Every situation is a little bit different.”

Beane added that Washington “handled the situation the way he should.” The Bills support him across the board. 

“I had a couple teammates reach out to me. Actually, the whole D-line did and a couple other position groups,” Washington said. “They told me just stay strong and they got my back 100 percent, just like the coaching staff.”

Washington adds, “Just being around the guys took my mind off it.”

For now, that’s the goal. 

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