CAMILLUS, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Camillus Police are trying to identify the man behind the wheel of a 4-door white sedan, possibly a Jetta or Passat, caught on surveillance camera ordering food at the McDonald’s on Carrier Circle Road in East Syracuse.

Detectives say the man used a burglary victim’s credit card on June 18 to pay for his food. The card was in a purse, stolen from the victim’s home off North Street in the Village of Camillus. Police say the burglar cut a screen to get into the home while the family was asleep inside after 10 p.m. on June 17.

“Her husband had located an open window in the lower level of the house, the screen had been cut. The family locked their doors, they did everything they were supposed to do. It looks like the suspect used an instrument to cut the screen, climbed in the window while they were sleeping and took her purse, ” says Camillus Police Captain James Nightingale.

Nightingale added, “It’s a scary thing for the family, to wake up in the morning and realize someone had been in their home. Just an unbelievable invasion of their privacy.”

Camillus Police want to question the man caught on camera at McDonald’s about the stolen credit card and the burglary. If you recognize him, call Camillus Police Detectives at 315-487-6425.