Police say Shuttleworth has shaved his head.

UPDATE (6/16/22 – 1:08 p.m.) — George Shuttleworth, the man suspected of stealing a pitbull puppy named “Dumbo” from the CNYSPCA in May has been arrested, according to the Town of DeWitt Police Department.

Wednesday morning, around 9:30, police say a person say a man matching Shuttleworth’s description riding a bike on the 5900 block of E. Molloy Road. They called 911 and police say they found Shuttleworth in a wooded area near E. Molly and Moore Roads.

“The DeWitt Police Department would like to thank all the citizens that provided tips and information
regarding possible sightings of Shuttleworth. It is with the help of an observant citizen that this case
was ultimately able to be closed successfully,” DPD wrote in a press release.

Shuttleworth has been charged with third degree burglary, petit larceny and third degree criminal tampering. He is still awaiting arraignement.

(Update: June 2, 2022 at 10:52 a.m.) — The CNY SPCA is offering a $500 reward for Dumbo’s safe return. There is also a $200 reward for information leading to his safe return.

If you know of the puppy’s whereabouts, please call DeWitt Police at (315) 449-3640.

(WSYR-TV) — The DeWitt Police Department is putting NewsChannel 9 viewers ‘On The Lookout’ for a man they suspect of stealing a puppy from the CNY SPCA last Thursday, May 26, 2022. 

“Dumbo”, the puppy stolen from the CNY SPCA

According to the DeWitt Police Criminal Investigation Division, George G. Shuttleworth broke into the CNY SPCA and took an 8-10 week old male pit bull puppy named “Dumbo.” Dumbo was dropped off at the SPCA with injuries and burns to his stomach. That’s why staff at the CNY SPCA stress the puppy needs to be returned.

“It’s important,” said Dee Schaefer, a Humane Educator and Administrative Assistant at the CNY SPCA. “He’s on antibiotics because there could be some secondary infections going on. Like I said, there were some wounds to his ears that could be getting infected because he’s not on antibiotics right now. He was also on pain meds and without those pain meds he’s going to be hurting.”

Police say Shuttleworth, who recently shaved his head, is homeless and has five other warrants out for his arrest.

“Mr. Shuttleworth is not afraid to go into various stores, restaurants, ask people for assistance,” said DeWitt Police Investigator Justin Baum. “He’s been described as very, very friendly to individuals he encounters. He doesn’t come across as what people may think as your typical criminal.”

He usually can be found in the Carrier Circle, E. Molloy Road and Mattydale area, according to DPD. 

If anyone has information regarding the incident, and/or have a possible location for Shuttleworth or the dog, the DeWitt Police Department encourages them to call 911, the DeWitt Police Department at (315) 449-3640, or email tips@townofdewitt.com