SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — NewsChannel 9 is hearing from even more businesses since our first report of a family-owned auto dealer seeing relentless attacks on cars meant for repair on their lot.

Vandals have been repeatedly smashing out windows at CAGO auto on Erie Boulevard East for months, and despite sharing video with police and making security upgrades, they are now up to 22 damaged vehicles.

CAGO and other businesses won’t go on camera to share their stories as break-ins are bad for business and it could chase customers away, knowing their car could end up damaged.

However, one business doesn’t want to stay silent and is now reaching out to us on behalf of other Erie Boulevard businesses. They want to share their story and remain anonymous.

The owner of the company shared new security images of the suspects in hopes police will get the tip that will break the case of all the boulevard break-ins, which according to this Erie Boulevard business, the break-ins aren’t stopping until then.

“It’s not stopping. It isn’t coming to an end. It’s getting worse. We’re watching these three to four suspects, cause an insane amount of damage in our community. My personal car got broken into as well.”

After contacting other businesses, she’s been mapping crime in their area and has even done the math.

“By your first report on it, we had a total of 40 break-ins, and vehicles throughout businesses.”

And she’s been tracking all of it, since January.

“We have business four, which is over 100 cars broken into our stolen and their estimate is tens of thousands of dollars. Business five,12 to 15 cars and couldn’t give me an estimate “

“Maybe it’s desperation. Maybe it’s crime rate in the area. We have noticed correlations to certain places opening up on the boulevard and crime increasing since those places opened up”

And she’s sharing new video. Different businesses, same suspects, and the same impact

They’ve met with police, done security upgrades, but nothing seems to work.

“We’re trying to stay together, we’re reaching out to each other, trying to gather information, but we need help.”

Help she says from the police, and the public.

Detectives are working leads, but if you recognize the suspects, call Syracuse Police at 315-442-5222.

Police have met with businesses to share advice on better securing their property and say they will meet with any business in need of security advice.