MANLIUS, N.Y (WSYR-TV) — The Town of Manlius Police Department needs your help in solving an “almost perfectly plotted burglary scheme” involving burglars spotted at Fayetteville-Manlius High School.

Manlius Police are putting you “on the lookout” for a pair of male burglars that allegedly burglarized a home near the high school on Friday afternoon, Sept. 8.

The burglars even dressed the part, trying to look like high school students with a basketball in hand in the F-M High School parking lot and leaving in a fake Domino’s pizza delivery vehicle.

Manlius police say their scheme was all part of a plot to burglarize a nearby home where a local Asian business owner lives.

“So this particular house was burglarized two years ago. It’s an Asian family that owns a business in the town. Then after [the suspects] left here, they drove out to Phoenix, New York, and attempted to commit a burglary there. That homeowner was also Asian and also a business owner,” said Manlius Police Sergeant Ken Hatter.

At the second home in Phoenix, a surveillance camera caught the man believed to be the driver of the fake Dominoes getaway vehicle with a plate stolen from DeWitt.

“We believe he was the driver, that there was at least three maybe four people involved ultimately,” said Hatter.

Hatter described their scheme as unusual and calculated, but not perfect.

“I don’t think they were aware some of the school buses, have cameras on them. They knew the home had cameras and when they noticed the cameras, they damaged them and left,” said Sergeant Hatter.

Are they local? Are they from another state? If you recognize them, give Manlius police a call at 315-682-8673 or email

Manlius police say they are also investigating whether the homeowner’s daughter’s tires were deliberately slashed to delay her from coming home during the burglary.