SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Syracuse Police Department is putting NewsChannel 9 viewers ‘On the Lookout’ to identify an individual who is stealing packages.

You’re now not the only one eager for packages to arrive at your house, as porch pirates are on the loose again in Syracuse.

It’s a fairly easy crime to commit, which the residents in a Syracuse neighborhood know all too well.

The Syracuse Police Department is asking NewsChannel 9 viewers to help identify this suspect who has been seen in the Sedgwick neighborhood. In a Ring Doorbell Camera video from the victim’s house along DeWitt street, you can see the suspected porch pirate.

According to Syracuse Police Lieutenant Malinowski, this has been happening a lot lately in the Sedgwick neighborhood.

Lt. Malinowski says it happens by the suspect, “blazingly coming up to your house, not really caring, taking your package and walking off with it. They’re also checking. If there’s no value to them, they’ll just throw it at someone else’s house.”

Lt. Malinowski advises neighbors that if someone looks out of place and they see someone going up to people’s porches, they should call 911 and an officer will be sent over.

SPD also has been pushing neighbors, if they can afford it, to get a Ring Doorbell Camera. That way suspects can be caught on camera and be easier to identify. You can also use the Ring Doorbell Camera app and monitor your property from anywhere and record what’s happening.

“You can see people coming onto your porch. You can also alert your whole neighborhood,” said Lt. Malinowski.

If you want to take more precautions, here are some tips that can help you avoid porch pirates:

  • Give the delivery service special instructions
  • Have your items sent to a walk-in store for pickup
  • Use a delivery box service
  • Sign up for delivery alerts
  • Schedule the delivery for a day and time when you know you’ll be home

If you have any information on the package thefts happening in Eastwood or recognize the suspect, give SPD a call at 315-442-5222.