(WSYR-TV) – As crimes in Syracuse appear to be on the rise, we’re taking a look at some of the most frequent crimes appearing this week.

On the Lookout: Burglary suspects in North Syracuse

North Syracuse Police are asking for your help finding these suspects!

Three suspects broke into MD’s Gas Mart located on South Main Street in the Village of North Syracuse on October 17 around 4 a.m.

According to police, the suspects smashed a front window to enter the store and stole property.

On the same morning, the three suspects also broke into North Main Express at South Main Street in North Syracuse and stole property.

If two burglaries in one night weren’t enough, North Syracuse Police Department is also looking to identify four suspects that broke into businesses and used the same vehicle on October 17, a red Subaru Impreza.

On October 19, the four suspects broke into the following locations and stole the following:

  • North Syracuse Smoke and Convenience on South Main Street in the Village of North Syracuse where the suspect stole about $1,5000 worth of smoking devices
  • Xtreme Wireless on South Main Street in the Village of North Syracuse where the suspects stole cell phones and property.

The Subaru car was found to be a stolen vehicle and was recovered out of the city of Syracuse.

If anyone knows more about these incidents and can identify the suspects above, please contact North Syracuse Police at 315-263-1888.

Possible hoodie scam alert

Oneida City Police say they have had a sudden increase in possible social media and text message scams that are targeting people. These messages try to get people to click on a link to purchase an Oneida Police hoodie or receive a discount on one.

Furthermore, the people in charge of these false messages say they are from local agencies like Onedia Police Department, Sherrill Police Department, Camden Police Department, Baldwinsville Police Department, and North Syracuse Police Department.

But the truth is, no police departments are even selling hoodies!

Some of these false messages are being commented on under social media posts created by Oneida Police. The department is working to block and delete the accounts when they find them.

These messages are not real and police encourage you to not click on the links.

The DeWitt Police Department would like to remind people of some common warning signs of a possible scam:

  • Calling or emailing you, claiming to be from the government and asking you to pay money or for your personal information (Date of Birth, Social Security Number, etc). 
  • Text messages claiming to be your bank or financial institution.
  • Asking you to wire them money, send money by courier, or put money on a prepaid card and send it to them.
  • Asking for access to your ATM cards, bank accounts, credit cards, or investment accounts.
  • Asking you to pay upfront to receive a prize or gift.

If you feel you are a victim of a possible scam, DeWitt Police encourages you to call 911 to report the incident.

Manlius Police report stolen cars

Catalytic converters with precious metals continue to attract thieves.

Manlius Police say in the past month, they reported three thefts and one attempted theft in Minoa and Duguid Road in Manlius.

“If you can park your vehicle in the garage,” said Sgt. Ken Hatter of Manlius Police. If you can’t park it in the garage, at least in a well-lit area, commercial vehicles, any type of commercial trucking companies or landscaping ideally you can park them behind a locked fence and then have it well lit.”

Manlius Police reported another stole car, this time, at the border with Madison County, which was an easy one to steal because the car was unlocked and the keys were inside.