SYRACUSE, N..Y (WSYR-TV) — State Police in North Syracuse are looking for a woman who was caught on camera trying to use a stolen New York State license and debit card to cash a personal check for $2,500.

Police say that a dark-colored sedan pulled up to AmeriCU Federal Credit Union on Thompson Road around 3:15 p.m. on July 11. The driver, a white female, tried to use a NYS license and AmeriCU debit card to cash a check for $2,500. The AmeriCU teller became suspicious of the woman’s identity when they noticed that the debit card was flagged as stolen in the system. The teller was also aware of suspicious activity in the area related to the “Felony Lane Gang.”

Tattoos on the woman’s back

After noticing that the card was flagged as stolen, the teller told the woman about their suspicions and she left. Around 20 minutes later, however, the woman came inside the credit union with a white cloth face mask on and demanded that the license, debit card, and check be returned to her. Police say that AmeriCU actually contacted the victim before the woman reappeared and confirmed that the I.D. and card were stolen and that she was not attempting to cash a check.

When AmeriCU refused to give the woman the items back, she left.

If you recognize the woman in the images, please contact State Police at (315) 366-6000.