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SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) — Americans are itching to travel again, but don’t expect to see jammed highways and airports on the first day things open up.

A survey conducted by the advertising and marketing firm Mower shows that while one in four surveyed say travel is one of the activities they look forward to resuming, not everyone is ready to travel the first day they can.

According to the survey, only 28 % would feel comfortable traveling the very first available—and the preferred method of transportation would be by car.

Only 16 % said they would feel comfortable flying.

Thirty days after restrictions are lifted a majority of those surveyed said they would feel comfortable traveling, and by Day 60 that number goes up to 73 %.

But the news is not good for airlines. Most of those surveyed prefer driving to flying.

The survey also found people will be more comfortable staying in a hotel as opposed to a private vacation rental.

More feel comfortable traveling to a beach or a park than they do heading to a theme park or casino.

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How do you feel about travel after the pandemic? Participate in our poll.

Friday several regions in Upstate New York will take baby steps toward reopening businesses shuttered mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s only phase one which includes construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, select retail with curbside pickup only, agriculture, forestry, and fishing

Restaurants, bars, arts, entertainment, and recreation aren’t until phases three and four in Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reopening plan.

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