Local bunny rescue with 60 rabbits in need of adoption closes down for three weeks, here’s why

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EAST SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — A large white rabbit named Mosie was hopping around the yard of Hunter Hollow Bunny Bed and Breakfast Friday morning. He was brought to the rescue after his owners moved out of their home and just left him.

“He was at least three days without food or water,” said Hunter Hollow owner Annie-Laurie Hunter. “When he came in, he was completely emaciated.” 

Hunter said that he is at a healthy weight now and because he is so big, he needs some time running around outside. The rabbit never ran too far from the shed he lives in.

The bunny bed and breakfast has closed down for the two weeks leading up to Easter and will reopen the following Sunday, April 11. They do this to prevent purchases of “Easter Bunnies,” or bunnies that are bought on a whim.

“The number one way that we get bunnies is people making spontaneous momentary decisions to get a bunny without thinking about it or being properly prepared,” said Hunter.

She says that bunnies are a big responsibility and oftentimes people think that they are just a cheap $25 purchase. 

The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) says that if you answer no to any of the following questions, you should reconsider purchasing a bunny this Easter season. 

  • Are you ready to spend $100 to spay or neuter your rabbit?
  • Are you prepared to bunny-proof your house and potty train the animal?
  • Will your child take the bunny to college? They live up to ten years.
  • Will you brush your bunny daily? They get hairballs like cats, but aren’t able to cough, so they have to be taken to the vet, oftentimes for operations, and sometimes these hairballs result in death.
  • Are you prepared to deal with a kicking rabbit when you try to clip its nails 

However, if you answered yes to all of these questions, Hunter Hollow Bunny Bed and Breakfast is at 300% capacity and has around 60 bunnies in need of loving homes.

“31 will be ready when we open again, and the other ones need to wait until they are spayed and neutered,” said Hunter. 

The next bunny adoption day will be on April 11 and Hunter just asks that you call in advance to let her know your interest. 

She currently has 15 rabbits on a waiting list to come to her facility. These rabbits are being cared for right now and are not in danger, but if a rabbit were to need a home immediately, she says she wouldn’t turn them down.

All new bunnies that come to the rescue are named after fun verbs. Some bunnies they currently have are Hop, Snicker, and Chuckle.

Previously they were named after things that staff thought the world could use more of; Stability, Lucidity, and Vigor are some from this naming convention that need adopting.

Hunter Hollow is both a wildlife and domestic rabbit rescue and volunteers come in throughout the week to groom and socialize with the bunnies. 

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