Road2Recovery CNY launches new website full of resources for recovering addicts

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The road to recovery for many people who have abused drugs or alcohol is a long one, but Road2Recovery CNY is making it a little easier with a new website

“Recovery is really challenging,” Ed Gabriel, an advocate for Road2Recovery CNY, said. “There are just so many factors. You can’t do it alone. You need treatment, you need resources, you need support. Somebody who has a desire to recover from substance abuse has to find resources, and it’s basically Google roulette.”

To stop the endless Google searches, Road2Recovery CNY created It’s a single website that has many tools for people looking to stay clean or are on the road to recovery. 

Gabriel said, “We wanted to create a hub, basically, where people who are in recovery, thinking about recovery, can go for information and support, and maybe suggestions on things they may not have thought of. For instance, we have a static list of Syracuse venues to provide productive ways to spend your time: museums, zoos, as soon as the pandemic passes, performing arts, and things of that sort.”

A major issue recovering addicts commonly run into, is filling the time they used to spend abusing drugs or alcohol with healthy sober activities. 

Darlene Endy, CEO of Road2Recovery CNY, said. “Alcohol, for example, is a part of pretty much any social gathering. It’s just accepted, and I’m not saying that I’m against alcohol, but I want to raise people’s awareness that you can have a good time without serving alcohol.”

In addition to the event list on, there are also links to dozens of resources like facilities for detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, alcoholics anonymous meetings and more. 

These resources provided by are even more crucial during what can be a depressing COVID-19 pandemic. 

“I just attended a webinar where they stated 30-50% increase in relapses during COVID,” Endy said. is all part of Road2Recovery CNY’s ultimate mission, which is to save lives one at a time. In the Road2Recovery CNY program, many times people travel to Georgia or even Texas to seek treatment, and the program has successfully changed the lives of nearly 25 people. 

“We’d like it to be as robust of a site as possible,” Endy said. “If people want to help, sharing the news about this website is a great way to do that, especially on social media. If they want to get involved in our organization, they can go to our website or our Facebook page, and sign up to be a volunteer, or they can just make a donation if they’d rather do that because we are always working on raising money for helping the next person who needs it. We’ve helped 23 people get sober so far, and we’d love to help as many as possible.”

For more information on how to donate or get involved, visit

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