SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Before some fans could accept the end of Jim Boeheim’s career, Syracuse University knew they needed to hear from the coach himself and find out what his future holds.

At Friday morning’s event formally introducing new coach Adrian Autry, Boeheim cleared the air about a transition that appeared to be outside his control.

“There’s been a lot said they haven’t treated me right,” said Boeheim. “That’s not true. None of that is true.”

Boeheim said the basketball season began without any thoughts of retirement, but then feelings changed when the team hit a losing streak against Duke, Clemson, Pittsburgh, and Virginia Tech.

“I didn’t coach very good,” Boeheim said. “We didn’t play very good. We lost four games. I felt this was the time.”

When Boeheim was asked about his future after the ACC Tournament loss on Wednesday, he said an agreement wasn’t finalized enough to share details.

But when coach told his team a few hours later about his plans, Athletic Director John Wildhack wanted to make the transition public.

Boeheim said, “Most schools don’t have a plan. 99 out of 100 don’t have a plan. John Wildhack had a plan. The University had a plan. and I was a part of that plan.”

“Coach Boeheim is going to be with us,” said Wildhack. “Coach Autry is the head coach. We’ve executed the plan.”

Wildhack said he and Boeheim still have to work out the details of what role the hall-of-Famer will have, but hinted at focuses on recruiting and fundraising.

Wildhack confirmed to NewsChannel 9 it’s more than a casual relationship, Boeheim will be an employee.

“Coach Boeheim can help other programs,” said Wildhack, referring to other sports teams. “He’s the biggest lacrosse fan there is. He’s also at every home football game. There’s a variety of ways. We’re going to put him to work. I guarantee that.”

“I’m probably most happy that I will never leave here,” said Boeheim. “I’ll never leave Syracuse. I’ll never leave Syracuse University.”