(WSYR-TV) — Gas prices both nationally and locally are continuing to drop, according to AAA. 

Drivers are paying $4.08 per gallon across the country, which is three cents cheaper than last week. Meanwhile, here in the Empire State, drivers are paying $4.18 per gallon at the pump, which is four cents cheaper than last week. 

Last year, at this time, drivers were paying $2.89 a gallon in New York State, which is $1.19 cheaper than the current price, and drivers in other parts of the country were paying $1.21 less than the current national average at $2.87. 

Here is a look at AAA says average gas prices are in Central and Western New York: 

  • Batavia – $4.23 (down 5 cents from last week) 
  • Buffalo – $4.23 (down 5 cents from last week) 
  • Elmira – $4.13 (down 4 cents from last week) 
  • Ithaca – $4.19 (down 2 cents from last week) 
  • Rochester – $4.27 (down 3 cents from last week) 
  • Rome – $4.22 (down 2 cents from last week) 
  • Syracuse – $4.21 (down 4 cents from last week) 
  • Watertown – $4.24 (down 4 cents from last week) 

AAA also reports that oil prices are at $106 per barrel, which is up six cents compared to last week. This is on the heels of the International Energy Agency releasing 120 million barrels of its emergency reserves. With the crisis in Ukraine continuing, the U.S. government still has plans to help drive down the price of gas. 

“This past week, President Biden announced that his administration will temporarily allow E15 gasoline — which uses a 15% ethanol blend usually banned during warm-weather months as part of anti-pollution restrictions — hoping to bring relief to consumers this summer since the higher-ethanol fuel typically sells for 5 to 10 cents less per gallon than regular gas,” according to AAA. 

Though AAA also points out that 12% of vehicles, including motorcycles, vehicles made before 2001, and vehicles with heavy-duty engines are not designed to run on E15 gasoline.