(WSYR-TV) — Gas prices soared this past week both nationally and here in the Empire State, according to AAA. 

Drivers across the country are paying $4.33 a gallon which is 14 cents higher than last week’s average. Meanwhile, here in New York, drivers are paying $4.52 a gallon. That is 17 cents higher than last week. Last year at this time, drivers were paying $3.00 a gallon in the state, and $2.96 nationwide. 

Here is a look at AAA reports are the average gas prices across Central and Western New York: 

  • Batavia – $4.34 (up 10 cents from last week) 
  • Buffalo – $4.35 (up 12 cents from last week) 
  • Elmira – $4.47 (up 18 cents from last week) 
  • Ithaca – $4.46 (up 18 cents from last week) 
  • Rochester – $4.43 (up 12 cents from last week) 
  • Rome – $4.48 (up 16 cents from last week) 
  • Syracuse – $4.43 (up 14 cents from last week) 
  • Watertown – $4.46 (up 15 cents from last week) 

Communications Specialist Valerie Puma from AAA of Western and Central New York joined NewsChannel 9 to discuss the surge and ways drivers can save. You can watch the interview in the video player below:

Along with gas prices, diesel fuel has reached a record high, AAA says. They are reporting that the average price for diesel nationwide is $5.54, which is nearly a dollar less than the average in New York State. Drivers here are paying $6.38 for a gallon here. 

“To say we’re feeling pain at the pump is an understatement,” said Steve Steinmetz, director of automotive service operations at AAA Western and Central New York. “Prices have literally doubled since last year impacting all towing companies across the state.” 

Last year, a gallon of diesel cost drivers $3.19 in NYS and $3.11 across the country.