ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WWTI) — A North Country native had an interesting encounter with a Pro Golfer at the PGA Championship.

On May 17, during the PGA Championship at the Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, New York, American Professional Golfer Joel Dahmen hit an “errant shot,” according to Sports Illustrated.

The shot hit the leg of Caleb McGuire who currently lives in the Rochester area, but he is originally from Watertown, New York.

He took the experience to Twitter where he said “Shoutout to Joel Dahmen for hitting my calf with a tee shot today on hole #1. He proceeds to ask me how much a beer costs at the tourney and I tell him $17 a pop. He then pulls out a crispy $100 bill and says, ‘I got your beers for today.'”

Dahmen later retweeted the post and said “Sorry about that! Hope you enjoyed the beers.”

But prior to the incident, McGuire explained that he and his friend George LaBarr, who is also a Watertown native tweeted at the golf pro before attending the championship on May 15. LaBarr works for the company Parsons Xtreme Golf, known as PXG, which sponsors Dahmen.

The pair had hoped to get a picture taken with Dahmen when they attended the tournament on May 17.

But they received a photograph, bruised leg and $100. McGuire said, “It was purely a coincidence.”

The tweet has over 1.5 million views, 3,000 likes and 100 retweets. You can see the original social media post here.