(WETM) – New York Governor Kathy Hochul is proposing an expansion of voting rights in New York through a new state-wide Voting Rights Act.

The Governor’s proposal would establish a state-level voting rights act that will enhance protections against voter suppression and vote dilution; establish new protections against voter intimidation and deception; improve language access for voters; and require boards of elections in jurisdictions with a history of civil rights violations to obtain pre-clearance for changes to election-related policies and practices.

Governor Hochul also called on the Legislature to amend State law to lower the voter registration deadline from 25 days to 10 days before Election Day, which does not require a Constitutional amendment.

As a further step, the Governor will urge the Legislature to begin the Constitutional amendment process for no-excuse absentee voting and same-day registration.

Governor Hochul also proposed requiring polling places on college campuses. Under the
Governor’s proposal, whenever a contiguous property of a college or university contains 300 or more registrants, the polling place designated for such election district shall be on such contiguous property or at a location approved by the college or university.