NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – The Oneida County Health Department has reported that a bat has tested positive for rabies in the Town of New Hartford on Friday, May 20th.

Health officials say that no humans were exposed, but one cat was and is currently being quarantined.

The Health Department Indoor would like to remind residents of the county that indoor pets and other animals, especially bats, are still susceptible to rabies and can carry the disease into your home. Indoor/outdoor dogs, cats, and ferrets must stay up to date with all rabies vaccinations per NYS law.

Signs of rabies include:

  • Animal acting strangely
  • Animal acting mad
  • Animal acting shy – the animal may get unusually close
  • Drooling or foaming from the mouth  

If you see an animal, wild or stray, with these signs, do not approach it and stay away.  If any animal is acting strangely, call your local animal control officer for help.

For the safety of pets and the convenience of county residents, the Oneida County Health Department offers Rabies Vaccination Clinics throughout the year in various community locations and will be releasing a schedule for upcoming 2022 clinics soon.  Eyewitness News will release that information when it is available.

For more information on Rabies Prevention, contact the Oneida County Health Department at 315-798-5064 or log onto our website at