One affordable tool can make any flower arrangement look pro-level


This time of year, beautiful blooms abound in farmer’s markets, florists and grocery stores. It’s tempting to simply drop a bouquet into a vase and call it good, but florists rely on a simple tool to elevate any bouquet to centerpiece status: a floral frog. These affordable, easy-to-use tools let you arrange flowers with precision, holding stems in place for a stunning arrangement that lasts.

What is a flower frog?

Flower frogs come in two varieties. Some feature a lattice of holes that rests atop a vase to give stems stability. Others, known as pin frogs, sit at the bottom of a vase and use metal pins to hold stems upright. Both can be used to arrange flowers into a more purposeful arrangement or to help floppy stems stand up straight.

Pin frogs are particularly good at helping arrangements last longer because they help flowers take in more water. They’re also more eco-friendly than floral foam because they can be washed and reused.

Another advantage to flower frogs is their ability to transform just about anything that can hold water into a vase. Teacups, small dishes, ceramic bowls and more can all serve as vases with a pin frog securing your blooms at the bottom.

Best flower frogs

best Wazakura Mini Ikebana 4-Piece Flower Holder Set

Wazakura Mini Ikebana 4-Piece Flower Holder Set

These petite pin frogs, measuring less than an inch across, are suitable for bud vases or for displaying individual flowers. The Japanese-made set includes two each of sturdy square and round pin frogs.

Sold by Amazon

best Syndicate Sales Pillow Floral Cage

Syndicate Sales Pillow Floral Cage

Larger arrangements will look spectacular with this flower frog. Place the 6-inch tool atop your vase, then slip flower stems through its honeycomb openings for perfect spacing and improved stability.

Sold by Amazon

best Georgetown Pottery Small Round Ikebana Flower Vase

Georgetown Pottery Small Round Ikebana Flower Vase

This beautiful vase takes the guesswork out of arranging flowers on a pin frog thanks to its built-in metal pins. The ikebana-style porcelain vases are individually handmade and glazed in Maine.

Sold by Amazon

best Justdolife Flower Frogs 3-Pack

Justdolife Flower Frogs 3-Pack

These three round pin frogs feature stainless steel pins and range in size from 0.9 inches to 2.36 inches. The large sizes have rubberized bases to prevent scratching or chipping vases.

Sold by Amazon

Best flower vases

best Virtune Luxe Infinity White Vase

Virtune Luxe Infinity White Vase

Unusually shaped vases such as this one are easy to arrange in thanks to flower frogs. Its infinity symbol shape provides two compartments for flowers, and it’s available in four trendy matte shades.

Sold by Amazon

best D’vine Dev Black Ceramic Flower Vase

D’vine Dev Black Ceramic Flower Vase

Made from matte black ceramic, this 10-inch-tall vase has a 3.1-inch opening that’s roomy enough to drop in a pin frog. Its elegant, minimalist design features a heavy base for a sturdy arrangement.

Sold by Amazon

best Royal Imports Rectangular Gold Ceramic Vase

Royal Imports Rectangular Gold Ceramic Vase

A few flower frogs placed along the bottom of this vase will transform it into a show-stopping centerpiece. The rectangular vase measures 12 inches long and has a textured metallic gold finish.

Sold by Amazon

best Lenox French Perle Ice Blue Fluted Vase

Lenox French Perle Ice Blue Fluted Vase

Even though this beautiful stoneware vase is only 8 inches tall, it can beautifully show off longer stems if you pair it with a pin frog. It features a classical fluted shape and raised bead pattern.

Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

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