BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Patrick Pasho has taken throwing to new heights.

  “So my football coach told me that I was in the weight room after school every day, why don’t you just throw. I went and I did it and I was good at it.”

Believe it or not, the junior Baldwinsville star has only been throwing for a couple of months.

“I mean I knew my strength would definitely help a little bit, but I didn’t know I could pick up the technique so quickly.”

He realized he wasn’t just good at the sport, he was excelling. He had no choice but to stick with it. Pasho is ranked 15th in the state.

The Accolades keep pouring on in for the junior thrower. Over the weekend, Pasho won a weightlifting competition. He competed with around 100 athletes.

“I got up there and I was about to lift 435. There was no way I could fail it. Everybody in the gym was screaming for me. People that I met before or never talked to and everybody screaming for me just motivated me.”

His next goal that he hopes to check off on his bucket list is to win a state title.

“I have this outdoor season to throw and then next year indoor and outdoor, so I have a lot to get better. I think I can end up at the National Meet if I really work on it.”