SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WYSR-TV) – Life has been difficult for Tayahja Scott. At just three years old she was diagnosed with cancer. At eight, she beat it. Then just two years ago, lost her brother. Basketball has been the one thing that has come easy to her. It’s been the one constant in her life.

“I feel like I love basketball because it’s my peace. If I’m having a bad day or something. I go to basketball practice or go to the gym and everything just seems to go back to normal.”

The first time Scott picked up a basketball was when she was five. She wanted to be like he older brothers.

“They were just playing basketball and at the time I was still a cheerleader. That’s when I decided I didn’t want to cheer anymore and wanted to play basketball.”

From there, it was history. Scott started playing ball recreationally but later realized she wanted to start taking it seriously.

“I started playing junior varsity in the seventh grade. In the middle of the season my coach asked me to move up and play varsity. Ever since I’ve been playing varsity and that’s when I realized I was good at it.”

Scott hit quite the milestone. She earned her 1,000th career point.

“I was counting in my head. I kind of lost count. Last I knew I was at eight and I needed nine. I was at the free throw line and I made a free throw. Everyone just started going crazy and that’s when I realized. I’m kind of still in shock.”