Athlete of the Week: Ridwan Sirad

Athlete of the Week

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — PSLA at Fowler senior Ridwan Sirad was introduced to soccer when he was just a kid, well before he ever came to the United States. 

“I started playing soccer when I was in Africa when I was really young. But I didn’t play competitive soccer until the eighth grade,” said Sirad. 

By then, Ridwan was in Syracuse in 2011, Sirad, his seven siblings, and his mother came to the U.S. from Ethiopia. Ridwan says all of his brothers play soccer, but it was his friends that got him to start playing more seriously.

“I had many friends that played and they said ‘you good, come play with us’ and like come play with the team,” said Ridwan.

That decision has worked out well. He leads the Falcons with 28 goals and six assists this season. He’s a four-year varsity player and a two-year captain, so Ridwan understands the value of hard work.

“It takes good practice and good instructors to tell you like you’re doing this – you know getting criticized to get better that’s what it takes,” said Sirad. “And practicing it over and over again so you can be comfortable with it.”

Sirad also excels in the classroom with a 93 average in school. He enjoys mathematics and wants to study medicine while playing soccer in college. He thanks his family for his success off the field and credits his teammates with pushing him on the field.

“You want to be the best you can be. You don’t want to be embarrassed on the field, get crossed over anything like that so the teammates and definitely the coach. When I think I did enough, he says its never good enough. So gotta keep going,” said Sirad.

Ridwan and the Falcons are 15-2-1 and will play in the Class A section championship game against J-D at V-V-S.

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