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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Before this last season, former Jamesville-DeWitt and Syracuse star Brandon Triche signed a one-and-one with Turkish basketball team Pinar Karsiyaka, which means either he or the team could end that contract after the first year. Because of COVID-19, his team decided to buy him out of that contract, but nothing was finalized until July, putting Triche in a difficult position.

“To be honest man it got me pretty anxious even like a week ago. I was just talking to my friends and was like I think I just had an anxiety attack because I think the uncertainty and losing out on money is the biggest things for most people, that’s what people are going through,” said Triche.

The 29-year old averaged nearly 10 points a game as his team finished 20-3 and in second place in the standings when the season stopped in March.

“I was happy to be able to contribute to that but personally I was like I can perform better,” said Triche.

But he wants to return his form from an MVP season playing for Orlandina in Italy during the 2018-19 season.

“The way my mentality was I was like I’m gonna go every time. Literally every time I got the ball I went to the basket. It was either gonna be a score or a pass or an assist,” said Triche.

A mentality he tapped into during his younger days at Syracuse and at Jamesville-DeWitt. With some extra free time at home, he was able to find some old highlight tapes from the Red Rams days.

“Certain games I remember I had two dunks here. Just having those memories like they never go,” said Triche. “It really motivated me to be honest. I was like alright this is nice.”

Triche returned home in March once it was clear the season would be postponed. A chance to return to where he is comfortable.

“It’s crazy when I’m overseas and I hear people speaking English I’m just – I look like who is that speaking English. ‘Where is this person from?’,” Triche said gesturing as if he was looking for someone.

“You always want to be home at the end of the day. You want to make your money and you want to get home. You want to be able to be with the people that you are most comfortable with.”

While he has been home, he’s focused on staying ready.

“The most important thing for me was just getting my body in really good shape. Try to be in shape. Just work on little stuff, detail stuff like balance, ankle strength. That can ultimately help me in the long haul,” said Triche.

Brandon is confident that his future team will call soon, and whenever that is, there’s a lesson he takes with him through all his years of basketball.

“Just don’t take anything for granted,” said Triche after a short pause. “Just have gratitude for everything that happens in life.”

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