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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WSYR-TV) – Jillian Vogl, a 2012 Cazenovia graduate, left the Lakers a back to back state field hockey champion. She left for Monmouth before transferring and starring for Cortland for three seasons.  

She now finds herself in our nation’s capital doing something very different than field hockey.  

“Never in a million years would think that I would be into politics or end up working for a member of congress,” said Vogl.  

A transition she never planned for, but one she enjoys. The former field hockey star now works for Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler of Missouri’s fourth district. Vogl serves as an executive assistant or as it is called on Capitol Hill, a Scheduler.  

“A scheduler basically handles the members day to day life in DC. Schedule her meetings, all of her hearings, caucus events. And I also do any of the event planning for any event that we do in DC.,” said Vogl.  

Vogl headed to DC after two internships in the city during her time at Cortland. She joined her current staff in 2017. She mainly remains in D.C. but does sometimes return to the Missouri office.  

“Everyone in the office has a different role. I just like it because it’s a very cohesive network and we’re always working together,” said Vogl.   

But 2020 has been unlike any year before it and challenged her in different ways.  

“The house is very fluid on a whim but even more so now,” said Vogl. “With all the elections coming up and COVID-19 so it’s all hands-on deck.” 

Jill’s mind now focuses on the next meeting or hearing, but during her time with the Red Dragons it was on goals and assists. In her three seasons at Cortland she finished her career with 58 points and is tied for eighth in career assists with 26.  

“It was a great experience. The best decision I ever made was going to Cortland,” said Vogl. “I made some of my best friends. I was able to have an amazing internship which brought me to DC where I am now. It was a great experience.”  

She hasn’t completely put down her stick. While it is on hold because of COVID-19, she did find a recreation league to relive the old days. 

“Oh I miss it. It just brings you so much joy just to watch. Even to look back at pictures of my time at Cortland, at Monmouth and at Cazenovia. Just some of the best times of my life,” said Vogl.  

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