Bills fan, living in Patriots land, goes viral for reaction to Taron Johnson Pick-6

Buffalo Bills

NEW HAMPSHIRE (WIVB)–Every player on the Buffalo Bills has helped the team make history this year.

One of the most notable recently is Taron Johnson. He had that 101-yard pick 6 last weekend against the Ravens.

And for quite some time, everyone will remember where they were when they watched that incredible play.

We spoke with a Chautauqua County native, who now lives in Patriots land after his reaction went viral.

Mike Mathers, a life-long Bills fan, watching history being made.

Taron Johnson running 101 yards to the house.

It tied the record for longest interception returned for a touchdown in playoff history.

For Bills Mafia, his spirit is normal, expressing the excitement we all felt.

“I had to go back and watch myself because I couldn’t even remember what I did after the play!” Mathers said.

The video on social media, which was caught by his home security cameras, has now been viewed close to 70,000 times.

Mike received an array of support from people on Twitter saying they had the same reaction, too.

But it’s the reaction, or lack there of, from the people on the couch that caught a lot of eyes.

Mike lives in New Hampshire which is Patriots land, and you can probably guess — yep, they’re Pats fans.

Mike tells us they were interested in the game, just not invested in it.

“Their reaction was about typical for all Patriots fans. And then Jackie my fiance, love her, she’ll wear the Bills gear because she supports me. Still trying to get her into the Bills because she’s not from an area that’s big football and she’s not from Buffalo but she’ll wear the Bills gear for me,” he added.

Mike’s reaction also woke up both of his dogs, they’ve since forgiven him.

Despite his distance from Western New York, Mike says he feels the spirit of Bills Mafia like never before. And he’s glad people online feel this kind of excitement.

“To know that I’m just one member of a huge fanbase that everyone was doing the same thing at the same time for this play, it’s just a really special thing that everyone can connect in the same manner watching the same play. It’s really awesome.”  

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