Bills locker room reacts to Peterman being named starter

Buffalo Bills

It’s been the first, second and third question asked seemingly every day since the start of training camp.

Who is going to be the Bills starting quarterback?

Today, there was an answer. Nathan Peterman,

When asked if there was a sigh of relief inside the locker room this afternoon center Ryan Groy laughed, “I’m glad this is our last conversation on this. Let’s put it that way.”

With a clear sense of direction, the team is excited to start moving forward with Peterman.

“Now you have an opportunity for guys to work together, some continuity and time to prepare,” said Kyle Williams.

“Knowing how we’re going into the game with no questions. No distractions. It feels good,” added Groy.

“It makes the offensive line more comfortable because we know where to set in the pocket and where [Nathan] will be because every quarterback is different,” said Dion Dawkins.

“Nate has taken the steps he’s needed to take to be the guy. I’m looking forward to going out and watching him perform,” said Williams.

Sean McDermott said Monday that Peterman ‘earned’ the starting job. His teammates agree.

“Nate’s been a solid guy. Great player. Great talent. Smart with the football,” smiled Zay Jones. “I love Nate. He’s a competitor. He gets after it. Everyone has their ups and downs of things but he’s done a great job and it’s well deserving the position he’s in.”

“We all know what happened earlier in his career but he looked at it as a learning point and not something to beat himself up on,” added Dawkins. “I’ve noticed it and I’m very proud of him.”

“We all have bad days. I’d hate to be judged off of one quarter or one game my rookie year. We’ve seen a lot of growth in Nate,” added Williams.

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