Coleman will play Friday


Corey Coleman will play on Friday. 

He’s just not sure how much. 

Coleman has only been with the Bills for just over a week. It’s not easy learning a new playbook. “If you can learn an NFL playbook, you’re pretty smart,” he said with a laugh. “I don’t think people understand how complex a playbook is.”

The good thing is Coleman is getting plenty of help. Nathan Peterman takes extra time throwing with him and going over plays. The wide receiver room has also been beneficial. 

“There’s no selfish receiver in there,” Coleman says. “They’re asking me questions. I’m asking them questions. That’s one thing I really, really like about the locker room. Everyone is so nice and so helpful.”

Coleman notes he’s fortunate to have some experience in his position group. Jeremy Kerley is 29 years old. Both Andre Holmes and Rod Streater are 30. Combined, they’ve played 19 NFL seasons. 

“You got…. two receivers 30 years old. Where do you even find that?” Coleman said. “They have a lot of knowledge about football and different situations–being traded, being cut. It’s guys you can talk to.”

Coleman is likely one of the stars of the next episode of Hard Knocks. The HBO documentary is focusing on Cleveland Browns training camp and the next chapter is expected to feature the inside story of Coleman’s trade to Buffalo. 

Vontae Davis is the only other player traded off of a Hard Knocks team during training camp. Coleman has talked to Davis about their place in Hard Knocks infamy. 

Coleman isn’t worrying about what part he may play in the reality TV show. “I can’t control what they do.”

What Coleman can control is what he does Friday night. He says he’ll follow what coaches tell him to do and give 100 percent. 

“There’s always something to prove when you step on the field,” Coleman said. “This team has high expectations for me and also, I have them for myself.”

He’ll be stepping onto a field in red and blue for the first time Friday night. 

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