Anyssia Ingersoll reaches new heights in motocross

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FULTON, N.Y. – Mexico freshman Anyssia Ingersoll spends a lot of her free time off the beaten path, sort of. Sometimes you have to see it to believe it.

“Its so hard to explain, I was like please come to a race with me and you’ll see,” said Anyssia Ingersoll.

Motocross racing came naturally to Anyssia because it runs in her family.

“My Dad mainly. He was around it his whole life. He had a bike growing up,” says Anyssia. “It was just like all my friends and family had it. I just grew up around it.”

Front: Anyssia and her Dad, Geoff(right)

Now she and her younger brother, Teajinn, race competitively. But it wasn’t until they met Scott Drake that they started facing stiffer competition.

“I grew up with her father, Geoff, racing. I haven’t been too familiar with either of his kids racing and then I came across them at a race,” said Scott Drake, Anyssia’s trainer. “She just caught my attention I thought that she had a lot of natural talent. I thought we could help get her to the next level.”

That next level is the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships at Loretta Lynn’s in Hurricane Mills, TN.

“My parents were like would you like to try and I’m like ‘yeah, who wouldn’t!?”

Anyssia completes a jump during training

Anyssia has qualified for nationals the past two years. Racing against 41 other girls from around the world in the Girls 11-16 division, she took 14th this year, improving up eight spots from a year ago.

“I definitely did better, 22nd to 14th is definitely a big increase.,” said Anyssia. “There’s a lot of riders.”

Ingersoll got a new bike entering 7th grade and she says that is one of the biggest differences over the last two years. But she also started to incorporate more of the techniques she needs in order to be a better rider.

Anyssia after winning in the Can/Am International Championships

“The little things, like how fast you charge a jump. What you do in the air, like you have to get your front end down, you can’t have it like high. You could shave off like a half second just doing the smallest things you’ll never think of, ” Ingersoll says.

“The way she rides, her aggressiveness. Her corner speed, how she enters corners, exists corners. The jumping has been a huge thing for her as far as he growth goes,” says Drake. “Anything on the bike she’s gotten better on the past two years.”

Anyssia after winning a NYS Championship

Since nationals in July, Anyssia has won both the girls and women division at the Canadian vs American International Championships and taken home a title in a New York State Championships in the women division. With any of her success, one person always comes to mind.

“My Dad(Geoff) definitely. He was an expert, since he was 16. He knows the sport, he’s a mechanic so he teaches me everything.. Everything I know is because of him. Like I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him,” said Ingersoll.

Anyssia will next race in the Race of Champions down in Englishtown, NJ on October 4th through the 6th.

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