BALDWINSVILLE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Owen Weaver is on quite the track to success.

“He’s a competitor. When it comes race day he is focused in and ready to go,” says head coach Bill Spicer.

After last weeks meet, the Baldwinsville senior is ranked number one in the nation in the pentathlon.

“It’s really cool. It’s pretty mind blowing that I’ m there and I know it’s really awesome,” says Owen Weaver.

“It demonstrates what dedication and hard work obviously with athletic talent can do. It’s nice to see that when a young person does put forth that effort and has that talent they can reach these goals,” added Spicer.

Weaver constantly works to get better. He trains for hours at a time year round.

“Weekends here late at practice and stuff and we are doing five events and planning everything out has been difficult but it’s been good,” says Weaver.

The pentathlon star will be taking his talents to Pennsylvania in the fall.

“I was really looking at Geneseo too but it came down to those two schools but in the end I picked Kutztown.”

Weaver has learned a lot from being a part of the Baldwinsville track and field program the last four years.

“Having the drive to compete and just working really hard and knowing my limits and stuff.”