SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Believe it or not, last summer was the first time Grace Catalano picked up a golf club. Since then, she’s become a star.

“She’s willing to work hard. She almost overworks and she’s really focused on what she does. Golf is such a mental game that she really keeps it in control,” says head coach James Merithew.

Catalano has since made the CBA varsity golf team and has been enjoying every minute of it.

“It’s very challenging mentally and it kind of reminds me of tennis in that way which has been my favorite sport for a while but I really love the challenge out there,” says Grace Catalano.

Like Catalano said, Golf is mentally challenging. But she’s learned how to say focused and level headed. 

“I just try to take it shot by shot and not get too worked up before I swing and try to just have a clear mind when I’m hitting the ball,” adds Catalano.

“She’s a natural athlete. She really keeps it under control and she enjoys it and that’s a huge part about any sport or any endeavor certainly,” says Merithew.

The star golfer continues to put in hours of work.

“We’re here every day after school or if we have a match and we put a lot of time into it and it’s really rewarding to see it play out,” adds Catalano.