Hart and Tay Train Foundation hold pizza giveaway for East Fayette Boys & Girls Club

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — What do you get when you have two prominent Central New York football players that always want to help out their community? Well, in the case of Mike Hart and Latavius Murray, you get the Hart and Tay Train Foundation and today, with the Boys & Girls Club, you have the next step in a journey to give back.

“It always meant a lot to them to give back to where they come from,” Mike Poirier said.

Normally that’s done face to face, but not this year, so the two former Tigers helped the Boys & Girls Club hold their first event for kids in months, with pizza, snacks and a chance to win their signed jerseys.

Poirier said, “They wanted to do something. These kids have lost a lot of lunches and food, so they thought it was important to feed them and give them some items that they can use.”

Along with Poirier, the two CNY stars have always given back through the Mike Hart Family Foundation,.but now the Tay Train is taking on a bigger role. 

“He’s always been involved. And being the two Onondaga kids, they got that connection, so they just mentioned that, you know what, let’s form it together,” Poirier said. “Latavius is kinda the face in Central New York now still playing in the NFL and everything where Mike’s a coach.”

Mike is in his fourth year at Indiana and Latavius will once again suit up for the New Orleans Saints this year. Murray is making an impression on future generations and on his mom, Tawanna Graham. 

Graham said, “We joke about it all the time, ‘someone raised you right, you’re doing good things in the community’. I’m very proud of him. This is just the beginning for him.”  

Using his sport for the greater good, something else he was taught early.

“Football is just a tool to kinda get you through different avenues in life,” Graham said. “If you can use that as your platform, then great. You know, you can actually reach so many different people.”

While neither of them could make it back for this event, they hope to make an appearance at future foundation events.

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