LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — We first introduced you to Bryce Mills two years ago after he won the Silver Gloves Boxing Championship in Missouri. He was 15 at the time, still an amateur, in his freshman year at Liverpool High School.

Two years later … coming in at 5-foot-8-inches, weighing in at 154 pounds, Bryce “The Golden Boy” Mills is a rising professional kickboxing star. 

Earlier this month he and his coach Jim Andrello traveled to Dubai to make his professional debut. In just 58 seconds Mills took down the former kickboxing champ from Greece.

“All the amateur fights I have had and won, they don’t count anymore. This is a whole different ball game … This last fight I had was my opportunity to create a name for myself, to really build and show everybody all the hard work that I put in,” Mills said.

Andrello said that when Mills first started training that he was injury-prone, but he still had the ‘fire’ to train and compete.

His parents say they’ve gotten some negative pushback from others about allowing their son, who turns 18 this summer, to turn pro in combat sports, but his parents believe he is ready — and he’s already proved it.

“When I get in the ring there is not one person that I fear, not one person that I am scared of. I don’t care who I fight. I am ready. I am ready to put all the dedication in, all the work in, and make the most of it,” Mills said.


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