CICERO, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Like most younger siblings, Jaxon Razmovski wanted to be just like his older brother. Whatever JJ did, Jaxon followed.

“My dad taught my brother how to play when he was a young age and I kind of looked up to him when I was younger so he was kind of my inspiration,” said Jaxon Razmovski.

Razmovski got a different kind of joy from playing football. That’s why he stuck with the game. The game also stuck with him. Once his brother graduated, Razmovski took over under center for C-NS. 

“We run a pretty sophisticated offense and we lean a lot on him with are RPO game and our reads and he understands what we want to do. He’s kind of like a coach on the field out there,” says head football coach Dave Kline.

He’s been the starting quarterback on the varsity team for the past two years and has gotten better and better.

“I mean just looking back at and comparing it to now, I definitely feel accomplished and proud of myself because of the work I’ve put in during the off-season,” added Razmovski.

“As a quarterback, he’s grown immensely… his arms have gotten stronger this year. His understanding of the game has grown with the learning process. Ya know we’re fortunate we get him for another year so we can see him grow and expand another year. It’s really really exciting to see what hes done and I can’t wait to see how bright his future is,” said Kline.

As Coach Kline said, Razmovski has one more year to perfect his craft, but eventually the star QB like to play ball at the next level.