Kaylene Noble tried almost every sport growing up but nothing clicked as much as volleyball.

“It’s just really fun and it’s a sport I really like to do,” says Kaylene Noble.

Being tall gave her a big advantage. In middle school, she towered over everyone.

“I’ve been like the tallest in my class my whole life,” Noble says.

Over the years, Noble fell more and more in love with the sport. She says the chemistry is so good and it feels just like “good vibes.”

The volleyball star made the FM varsity team as a sophomore and has shined on the court ever since.

“Staring for three years and her first year she was a middle hitter. The past two years she’s now an outside hitter and she just brings court awareness and leadership,” says head coach Jerime McHerron.

A lot of hard work off the court has made Noble into the player she is today.

“Just going to the gym and getting extra reps and doing one on one lessons if I can has really helped me improve my game,” Noble says.