SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Helen and Henry are siblings just one year apart. They both are star runners for the Nottingham varsity cross country team.

What makes this brother-sister duo even more special is that they both earned individual champion crowns at the Syracuse City Championships.

“I knew coming into it because in the last race that we raced against Baldwinsville she beat all of the city kids and I beat all of the city kids. So coming into this race there was an expectation and a hope that for the first time in like 15 years or however long it was we might be able to win both of them,” said Henry Zhe-Heimerman.

“I knew I beat all the city kids but I wasn’t that confident, so I was really happy when I actually did it,” says Helen Zhe-Heimerman.

And get this, Helen is only a freshman.

“Normally an upperclassman, junior or senior has been winning that lately not freshmen so this was a little rare,” said Nottingham varsity cross country coach Mike Boni.

As for Henry’s coach, a win was expected.

“I know how hard he works and he’s improved from leaps and bounds from when he started last year and he’s only been running for two years and he seems to be peaking at the right time,” said Nottingham varsity cross country coach Dan Pusey.

The Zhe-Heimermans praise the Nottingham cross country and track and field program for making them into the runners they are today.

Henry Zhe-Heimerman says: “The runs and the coaching and just the support we have from our teammates is really powerful and it really motivates me to not just in the races but to try my best in all the training runs,” said Henry Zhe-Heimerman.

“It’s also just really fun to do so everyone like, it’s not too serious all the time either,” said Helen Zhe-Heimerman.