Sunday’s game didn’t provide much in the form of entertaining football, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t fleeting moments of chaos, particularly after the whistle.

The Buffalo Bills beat the New York Jets in Week 11, 32-6. It was a dominant affair on both sides of the football, with quarterback Josh Allen returning to form and the defense taking advantage of perhaps the league’s worst offense.

Buffalo could ask for nothing more from new offensive coordinator Joe Brady, and head coach Sean McDermott could breathe a sigh of relief that things are back on track.

The Bills and Jets found themselves fighting after the final whistle in Week 11.

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An in-division game is always a little more intense than the average Sunday, so it wasn’t particularly surprising to see tempers flare. The good feelings did not extend to the Jets’ sideline.

New York defensive end Michael Clemons got into it with Buffalo left tackle Dion Dawkins late on Sunday. Dawkins flopped after being pushed to the ground by Clemons, inciting a little more chippiness. The left tackle was also the center of some … extra celebrations, which New York surely didn’t appreciate.

After the game, a larger fight broke out. As teams were heading to their respective locker rooms, a brawl broke out, seemingly centered around Dawkins and Clemons.

It’s safe to say the Bills weren’t phased, having already clinched their sixth win of the season. The Jets’ season, however, is all but over.

Dawkins reacted to the game, and the fight, shortly after the final whistle.

“I’m a humble guy,” Dawkins said. “I’m not a fan, man. I’m not a fan of the Jets. Like, very disrespectful players. It’s what it is.”

Adding salt to the wound, Dawkins may have added some spice to next year’s games. For now, despite splitting their two contests, the Bills have the upper hand—they still have something to play for.

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The vibes seem to be good in Buffalo for the first time since blowing out the Miami Dolphins in Week 4. Dawkins wasn’t shy to express that, making a reference to the popular cartoon “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

“F is for friends who do stuff together,” Dawkins sang. “We’re just out there having fun. It feels good … we’re gonna go celebrate together … you’ll probably see me on TV with my shirt off.”

Buffalo visits the NFC East-leading Philadelphia Eagles in Week 12, in a game that promises to be closer than Sunday’s affair.