Kansas State's run in the NCAA tournament came to an end Saturday, but the Wildcats showed nothing but class after their loss in the Elite Eight. With FAU punching a ticket to the Final Four, Kansas State coach Jerome Tang had some parting words for the Owls ahead of their next big game. 

Tang visited FAU’s locker room after his Wildcats lost and delivered a heartwarming message to the Owls squad, saying he’d be supporting the Owls throughout the rest of their tournament run.

"Your toughness, your togetherness, your ability to make plays with each other. The way you communicate with each other. Nobody cant beat y'all," Tang told FAU's locker room. "Y'all the toughest son of a guns we played all year long." 

It was a hard-fought battle between both teams and despite the Wildcats’ tournament run coming to an end, Tang said he had nothing but respect for a great opponent.

His words seemed to be well-received by the FAU squad, who voiced their appreciation as he exited the locker room.

FAU is making program history during its dominant run to the Final Four, and they’re gaining fans in the process. The latest to join the Owls’ bandwagon was none other than Tang, who couldn’t hide his admiration for the resilient squad.