1. “And so, I have my hesitation about, was this truly a devastating miscarriage?”

That is former Sunday Night Football sideline host Michele Tafoya on another former Monday Night Football sideline host, Lisa Guerrero.

Guerrero has a new book out, which was excerpted in Sports Illustrated earlier this week, and in the autobiography she details having a miscarriage while working a game in 2003.

Now, I have presented Tafoya’s quote without any context. Context is important and necessary when relaying someone’s quote. However, there is absolutely no context at all that would make Tafoya’s quote justifiable.

However, I will give you the context. Tafoya said on whatever show she has these days that because Guerrero didn’t tell her best friends at the time that she had a miscarriage and because she waited nearly 20 years to tell this story in a book, she questions the level of devastation.

Tafoya explained that she had two miscarriages of her own. However, how Tafoya handled her tragedies has nothing to do with Guerrero. People handle situations differently. For Tafoya to question anything about Guerrero’s miscarriage simply because of who Guerrero chose to tell and not tell is bizarre and cruel.

Here’s what Tafoya had to say about Guerrero’s miscarriage, as excerpted by Awful Announcing.

“I’ve had multiple miscarriages,” Tafoya said. “I’ve talked very openly about my struggles to have a baby, about my adoption of my second child. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Losing a pregnancy between eight and 12 weeks is not uncommon. If it was such pain that she’s carried for 20 years, and her best friends still have to buy the book to learn about it? I see a disconnect there. It’s her story to tell, but having been through similar things, trust me when I tell you, my best friends knew.”

Tafoya later added of her health emergencies: “Trust me when I tell you that all my best friends knew about that. I don’t know why you would wait to publish a book 15 years after the fact to reveal this to your best friends. And so, I have my hesitation about, was this truly a devastating miscarriage?”

In addition to this horrible take, Tafoya said other cruel things about Guerrero as she read from the excerpt of the book. Throughout her book, Guerrero detailed her struggles with being a sideline reporter, flack she had gotten from media members and clashes she had with higher-ups at Monday Night Football. Tafoya repeatedly mocked Guerrero for these claims and said of Guerrero’s memoir, “I think what she’s doing is wrong and I think that her motivations are not pure. It’s a tough business and it’s what she signed up for. You either cut it or you can’t. I contend she wasn’t tough enough.”

Now here’s my dilemma and where I’m going to ask you guys to help me out. Tafoya clearly did this to get attention. I’m giving her that attention. Do you guys want me to do that? I honestly don’t want to write stories like this and I try my best to avoid going for easy, cheap traffic by writing about the carnival barkers in sports media. But I also know some of you guys like to hate-read. Plus, one media member calling out another media member is always good fodder, but it has to be genuine and not an obvious play for attention. So I want to hear from you. Email me (Jimmy.Traina@si.com) or hit me up on Twitter and let me know if you think I should cover this stuff or if I shouldn’t give the attention cravers the attention they are craving. I honestly want your feedback on this.

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