Game 6 between the Celtics and Heat had NBA fans across the country acting out. The dramatic finish that saw Derrick White’s putback attempt seal the win over Miami generated plenty of strong reactions on social media. But perhaps none were more dramatic than that of Skip Bayless.

Bayless spent much of the game criticizing Jimmy Butler from his Twitter account, but it seems his antics left his wife feeling a bit upset. On Fox Sports’ Undisputed on Monday, Bayless told Shannon Sharpe that his wife, Ernestine, isn’t speaking to him following his “overemotional” antics during Game 6. 

“I still have not recovered from Saturday night,” Bayless said to Sharpe during Monday’s episode. “My wife is still not speaking to me because of Saturday night because I threw a fit.”

Bayless revealed that his wife came into the room to ask what he wanted to eat after Saturday’s game, to which he shouted the question back at her.

“That game, for me, might’ve been the wackiest, nuttiest, craziest game I have ever tried to figure out what happened in,” Bayless declared. “I couldn’t even sleep on Saturday night.”

Bayless referenced his fight with his wife in the immediate aftermath of Saturday’s game.

“Ernestine and I are now having a fight because I just went a little too crazy,” wrote Bayless after the game.