Chittenango, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – When it comes to pitching, Caroline Porter has the it factor.  When Porter got to high school, she was scooped right up by the varsity softball team as a freshman.

“She’s got the body for it. She’s got long levers. She already had some experience and she was the kid that stuck out to me,” says head coach Robin Penoyer.

Just this year alone she’s pitched one perfect game and four no-hitters. She was also named pitcher of the year for the second year in a row.

“She’s very coachable. She listens. She takes all the information in and then she goes out there and tries to perform it to the best of her ability and when she doesn’t do as well as she likes or as I like we talk about it and she digests it and it comes out better the next day,” says Penoyer.

“It feels really good and it feels really accomplished because I know I put in the work and it feels good to see it paying off,” says Porter.

“She just gets the job done. When she gets out there she has fun. She pitches and I don’t think sometimes she realizes how good she’s doing. But she’s got the um mentality to do that,” says Penoyer. Some people think of softball as a seasonal sport, but it’s not for Porter.

“I go to lessons. I like working at it and picking up new things and learning new things,” says Porter.

Chittenango’s season didn’t end the way Porter had hoped but she is grateful for all that they accomplished.

“I’m really proud of  the team we’ve improved a lot through the years and its nice seeing everyone put the work in and how it pays off.”