Live Doppler 9 is a great tool that we are all fortunate to have

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SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Live Doppler 9 is no longer a teenager.

Since 2000 the radar has always been tracking and always scanning.

Live Doppler 9 is the only local radar in Central New York that is constantly bringing you up to the minute views of our weather, that you cannot get anywhere else.

While the naming of the radar has changed over the past 2 decades, the dependability of Live Doppler 9 has stayed the same.

Why has this radar been *the* go-to radar for Central New Yorkers for 20 years!?

First off, how does it work?

Live Doppler 9 and the National Weather Service radars send out a pulse of microwaves-which bounces off of precipitation, rain or snow, and returns back to the radar.

The microwaves are sent out at an angle from the radar. As the beam moves away from the radar, it’s looking higher in the sky.

Combined with the curvature of the earth, it is harder for a radar to see precipitation far away.

A good example. Lake effect snow tends to be close to the ground. The National Weather Service radars are too far away.

That’s why Closer is Better!

The bottom line, Live Doppler 9 is right in our backyard, with a lower beam allowing it to better see precipitation in Central New York.

We continue to see benefits of the radar to this day.

Recently light lake effect near Syracuse wouldn’t have been detected without having Live Doppler 9 right in our backyard.

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CNY View

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