CAZENOVIA, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Growing up in Maryland, Reid McMurtrie started playing field hockey in first grade. A sport she saw her older sisters play.

“When I was really young, seeing them going to sports practices and watching them play at games, it just kind of made me want to be a part of a team like that,” McMurtrie said.

Although her sisters are now in their 30s and still living in Maryland, Reid continues on the tradition, but this time at Cazenovia High School. 

“As a player, Reid is very skilled. She has her stick skills are excellent. She’s got a really high field hockey IQ. She knows what she’s doing and where she has to be to help our team to succeed. She works really hard. She can run forever. She’s quick,” Lorraine Scheftic, Cazenvoia’s field hockey coach, said.

This year, Reid is one of 13 seniors on the team, and after a disappointing season last year, they are stepping it up.

“Well, last year was kind of sad for us, but this year we’re all really close because we’ve had two years together just as the same exact team, and we play really well together out there. We all know each other really well and how each other plays,” McMurtrie said.

A second-year captain, Reid is like an older sister on the team.

“Well, I’m one of four captains. Last year, I was one of two. It’s nice because I’ve been on the team since freshman year, so I know all of the routines we normally do, like getting ribbons for every game and senior night. It’s just nice having someone who knows how it usually goes,” McMurtrie said.

While Reid is still figuring out where she will be attending college next year, she aspires to major in nursing.

Congratulations, Reid! You are the Byrne Dairy and Deli NewsChannel 9 Student-Athlete of the Week!