LIVERPOOL, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Justin Barrett has already racked up a list of accomplishments as a 9th grader.

“It’s kind of hard to describe Justin in a couple words because he means so much to Liverpool and so much to the tennis program. The guys feed off him with his energy and his hard work. He just does the little things to make him such a great player,” says head coach Jeff Ross.

Barrett went unbeaten in the regular season at 15-0, won a Section III title, and qualified for State.

“Pretty proud and happy of myself because it paid off at the end and also people can kind of respect me a little bit,” says Barrett.

“Ya know it is pretty special because he’s a 9th grader so hopefully he has four more years of some success. I know he will just because of his drive. He really locks in when he is on the court and he really studies his opponent that he’s playing so that’s what makes him so successful also,” added Ross.

While many believe tennis is a seasonal sport, for Barrett he works on his craft year round.

“The physical training off the court like lifting and explosive workouts and footwork but what makes it really hard is the mental training,” added Barrett.