SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Steyvon Jones’ love for basketball started at an early age. It wasn’t until the fourth grade though that he realized that he had the potential to be something great.

“My mama talked to me about being serious and getting on a team. She had my uncle bring me to the gym to AAU practice,” said Steyvon Jones.

From there, it was history.

“I just got a passion for it. It’s like a peace of mind. It’s fun. It’s an escape from everything else,” added Jones.

Jones is a junior and has played at the varsity level for the last three years.

“He wants to be good. He doesn’t shy away from the moment,” said head coach Cornelius Vines.

Just this year alone, the junior baller is averaging nearly 22 points a game and nine rebounds.

“I’m proud because he’s becoming his own. He wasn’t talked about a lot and now he’s starting to get talked about a lot, but I tell him to stay humble and remain humble,” said Vines.

Jones has learned a lot by playing on the Nottingham squad this season.

“I’m learning to trust my teammates and trying to figure stuff out so I can start over from when I first started playing varsity,” Jones added.