AUBURN, N.Y. (WYSR-TV) – Colleen Jump was born to bowl and she has her father to thank for it.

“I used to go with him to his Friday night league and one night I just told him I want to  bowl so then he signed me,” said Jump.

It didn’t take much for Jump to take that leap of faith and make a career out of it.

” I love all the challenging competition. There are always better bowlers than you and it pushes you to be a better person,”added Jump.

Jump has been bowling for the combined Union Springs/ Port Byron team since she was in the 7th grade and has gotten better and better.

“I would like to be as half a bowler as she is. She amazes me,” says head coach Marianne Viscardi.

The star bowler has the highest average in the league, second highest game in the league, and had the ninth highest series for six games in states last weekend.

“I am very proud of my success and my improvements because when I started I was young. I couldn’t even throw a ball without hitting the bumper. I can most of the time keep it in the lane and hit my target really well now. I am just really proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish growing up through the years,” said Jump.

“She deserves this. She deserves all the credit because she is a great little bowler and all around good kid and does well in school,” added Viscardi.