A federal judge on Monday issued a temporary injunction suspending parts of New York’s new gun restrictions while members of the advocacy group Gun Owners of America press ahead with their legal challenge against the rules. 

U.S. District Judge Glenn Suddaby agreed in a Monday filing to put a pause on enforcement for parts of the state’s new Concealed Carry Improvement Act, including provisions that required people applying for a gun license to prove “good moral character” and provide a list of their social media accounts and their family contact information. 

The new law also limited firearms in “sensitive” locations, making areas such as New York City’s Times Square a gun-free zone for even licensed gun owners. 

Suddaby on Monday said the requirements overstepped New York officials’ authority and argued the state’s list of gun-free zones was too broad — though he allowed bans to remain for places such as schools and polling stations, according to Reuters

New York enacted the new law in the wake of the Supreme Court’s June decision that struck down a separate New York gun safety law requiring a license for concealed carry in public places.