Comic Book Roadshow on the Road In Syracuse


Looking to get rid of your vintage and collector comics? The Comic Book Roadshow is hosting an event to see just how much that Action Comics #1 or mint-condition Munsters lunchbox are really worth.

“This weekend, we are strictly buying,” explains Leroy Harper, owner of the Comic Book Roadshow. Appraisals are free but they are more than happy to trade you your classic collectables for a pretty penny. And Harper knows his stuff. He’s been in the game for over 40 years.

“I could go through a stack or a pile of comics,” he says, “and just, in minutes, pick out the books with value. It’s easy to do for me.”

Harper brought along two comics that total approximately $70,000 in value. Batman #1 and Amazing Spiderman #1 each go for a pretty penny. So don’t feel intimidated to bust out your box of old toys or comics and come on down to the Comic Book Roadshow—you never know if you’re sitting on a goldmine.

The Comic Book Roadshow will be held between 10am and 6pm, both days, at the Hampton Inn and Suites located at 3017 Erie Boulevard East.

To learn more, make sure to visit or call them at 888-5COMICS.

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