“Dirty Paws” Collects Cans for a Cause To Benefit Local Animals


“Dirty Paws” created by three 10-year-olds, is doing great things by collecting bottles and cans and using the proceeds to fund donations for the Central New York SPCA.

“I believe that dogs don’t have a voice, so we should give them a voice,” said fourth grader Addison, one of the three young contributors to “Dirty Paws”.

Addison, along with her twin sister Sydney and neighbor Ava have been collecting recyclables from classmates, and with the money they along with and their GoFundMe page, they purchase items from the CNY SPCA’s wish list.

Ava, the creator of the name “Dirty Paws” says that she picked the name because it’s cute and can serve as a reminder that the dogs they help still need homes.

The girls have raised over $600 in total over the course of about 10 months, and source bottles and cans from classmates as well as their own homes.

“[The dogs] don’t really have homes, and they can’t say they need [them], but we can,” said Sydney, who asked to help when she saw her sister Addison helping to the shelter.

The girls have a goal of $1000 in total to raise and donate to the CNY SPCA, and to help them out donors can visit GoFundMe.com/Dirty-PawsHelp-Dogs-In-Need.

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