Feldmeier Equipment: “We’re hiring”

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Fast growing Feldmeier Equipment, with two facilities in the Syracuse-area, has a simple message, “We’re hiring.”

The company makes stainless steel tanks and vessels for a variety of industries including biotech/pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and dairy, beverage and brewing.

Feldmeier is looking to hire up to 50 people in the next year for its seven locations, many of the workers are needed at their two hometown Syracuse-area facilities.

“We’d hire 30 more people right now if we could across our company,” says Feldmeier Vice President of Sales, Dave Pollock.

Ten of their newest employees came from a first of its kind program for the company.

Feldmeier and Onondaga Community College collaborated on an apprentice program.

Kylie Boshart was one of the people accepted in the program last year. “I wanted a career and college was not for me,” she tells NewsChannel 9.

When Boshart was finished with the nearly three-month-long program in January she was hired as a full-time welder.

“It’s life-changing. You have your 40-hours a week. You don’t have to worry about being on the schedule because you have a set schedule, you know you’re always going to have work,” Boshart explains.

Pollock adds, “OCC worked with them on the life skills, things we typically don’t teach or have as any part of our training. They talked to them about showing up at work, what your attitude is. We can teach them the skills of welding and metal finishing.”

He tells NewsChannel 9 while the company has invested heavily in technology there is still a real need for people to run the machines and also for much of the intricate work required on their products.

“We’re always looking for new people. As I told you we’re even working with the City School District to start training kids as young as 10th grade, so we’re using every avenue to get new employees,” Pollock says.

The company is not currently holding any job fairs and isn’t ready for another apprentice program, but they are hiring.

Click here for more information about job opportunities and how to apply for an opening at Feldmeier.

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