Haberle Congress Brewing Co. to Relaunch Historic Beer


It was 1857 when a young Benedict F. Haberle from Germany opened up Haberle Congress Brewing Co., one of the first breweries in CNY. It is now over 160 whole years later and the family has been keeping the company alive ever since!

So Haberle Congress Brewing Co. has decided to crack open the family vault in search of the official recipe of one of Benedict’s signature suds, called the Congress Lager.

Marketing Director Patrick Hunt explains what it took “to make sure that we were honing the same beer.” He even hand-delivered what they had left of the original lager to a lab in San Diego.

Finally redeveloped, the Harberle’s are throwing a launch party this weekend with the hopes that you are able to take a swig. They are so proud of how the brew turned out that they are offering each attendant’s first lager on the house!

The launch party will be held on Saturday, July 27th from 1pm to 4pm, at the Empire Farm Brewery at 33 Rippleton Road in Cazenovia.

To learn more about Haberle Congress Brewing Co. visit them online at HaberleCongress.com.

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